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Licence in Life and Earth Sciences - Earth and Water Sciences

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 2
Admission conditions
Length of studies
2 semesters
Campus Jean-Henri Fabre
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Continuous training (employees, jobseekers, self-employed)

The Earth and Water Sciences course is offered in the 3rd year of the SVT licence degree.


Licence degree in Sciences, Technologies and Health, major: Life and Earth Sciences
Type of course: Earth and Water Sciences

The L3 Earth and Water Sciences provides students with the scientific and methodological skills for:

  • quantitative and qualitative management of ground and surface water resources,
  • the control of the impacts of agricultural, industrial and urban activities on the chemical and biological quality of ground and surface water resources.

To achieve this objective, the training is based on:

  • a solid fundamental and technical base in the field of specialization,
  • the preparation for the professional world through the transversal and opening UE, with the acquisition of skills including documentary research, languages, computing, the constitution of a professional project and internships in companies.


Visit the site Earth and Water for more information on the training: details of the modules, students' career paths, portfolios...


End of year internship can be done abroad

ERASMUS field (if applicable)

Sciences naturelles, Géologie, Etude du sol et de l'eau


Voluntary internship possible each semester.
Compulsory internship in L3 S6.

The internships can be carried out in a professional environment (design office, association, water management syndicate, local or territorial authority, administration, etc.) or in a research structure (University, INRA, IRD, CNRS, BRGM, etc.).


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 2

Required former training

The recruitment of the 3rd year of license SVT (license STE) is made at Bac + 2 (S3 + S4). Priority is given to students from the fields of earth sciences and environmental geology, for example:

  • Licence SVT, ST, STU, or Geology
  • BTSA GEMEAU, BTS Water professions
  • DUT Biological Engineering option Environmental Engineering
Public report of the Parcoursup wish examination commission available here in PDF format.

Admission conditions

Admission by application.
Limited number of students.

Constitution and submission of applications via the dedicated page of the UAPV.

International students with a foreign diploma must also provide a certificate of competence in the French language at level B2 (CEFR).

Opening and closing dates for applications:

  • April 25 - June 15 (1st recruitment session)
  • June 16 - July 15 (2nd recruitment session depending on the remaining capacity).


At the University of Avignon and Pays de Vaucluse, the pre-registration and registration procedures are done online on the website, see the "Registration" section.
Please note: some courses are only accessible after one or more pre-selection and/or selection stages. Therefore, before registering, you must meet all the conditions for admission.

You can download the list of courses for Semester 5 and Semester 6 and visit the website Earth and Water for more details on the content of these teaching units.

Please note: change of model at the beginning of the 2018 school year. Update of the link in February.

The course is very field-oriented with 16 days of outdoor work (24 over the two semesters), including a 5-day geological mapping course.


Conditions of validation

The evaluation of the students is done in the form of a continuous control involving at least 2 evaluations by teaching unit. The diversification of the control of knowledge is also ensured in order to evaluate the whole of the required competences (examination of course in room, examination in room of TD, oral presentations, reports of TP, reports of exits).

Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 3
Level of education obtained after completion
Niveau II

Career Opportunities

Business sector

<Unknown label>, <Unknown label>


Cadre technique d'études scientifiques et de recherche fondamentale, Cadre technique d'études-recherche-développement de l'industrie, Cadre technique de l'environnement, Chargé/chargée d'études techniques du sous-sol, Chargé/chargée de la protection du patrimoine naturel

Further studies

Graduates of the L3 STE, you will have the choice between:

  1. professional integration as a senior technician in Water and Environment at the end of the degree. The theoretical and practical bases acquired in geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, hydrochemistry, hydrobiology and hydrogeophysics prepare you for all the professional situations that a specialized technician could encounter. Download the "jobs" file of the Water Agency's magazine as well as the Guide for Young Professionals of the ASTEE.

  2. the pursuit of higher studies in Master
  • at Avignon University in the Hydrogeology, Soils and Environment of the UAPV
  • in other training courses that recruit at this level, in various fields and in particular in the fields of Water, Earth Sciences and Environment, according to the modalities and criteria specific to each training course.


Teaching campuses

Geographic location
Campus Jean-Henri Fabre, Pôle Agrosciences

301, rue Baruch de Spinoza BP 21239 84911 AVIGNON Cedex 9

Access map(s)
Consult the access map to the Jean-Henri Fabre Campus

Director of studies

Registrar office contact details

+33 (0)4 90 14 44 00

+33 (0)4 90 14 44 09

Phone number 2
+33 (0)4 90 14 44 99

Date of update June 25, 2021