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Licence in Geography - Planning

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Prerequisites for enrolment
Admission conditions
Length of studies
6 semesters
Campus Hannah Arendt - Site Sainte Marthe
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Continuous training (employees, jobseekers, self-employed)

Licence's degree in Human and Social Sciences, majoring in Geography
Type of course: Development


To provide future geographers - planners with specialized knowledge on the functioning of spaces and their dynamics, as well as on the regulatory and operational measures that govern their development.
To transmit the skills needed to identify the challenges of the territories
and to mobilize geographic tools and methods to analyze them.


In addition to the basic training in general geography knowledge and skills offered in the compulsory block, from Semester 3 onwards, students in the Geography degree have the possibility of building a personal path of specialisation in the field of applied geography or preparation for teaching careers.


Possibility of exchanges within the framework of ERASMUS programs.

ERASMUS field(s):
07.1 Geography

ERASMUS field (if applicable)



A compulsory internship is integrated into the Applied Geography course, at the L2 level.

Several compulsory internships are integrated into the CMI curriculum.

Internships in schools or in associations working in the field of extracurricular activities (tutoring, educational awakening, etc.) are strongly recommended for students following the Geography for Teaching Professions course.

Finally, it is possible to carry out additional internships each semester as part of the UEO.


Business partnerships

Design offices

Regional nature park management teams

Companies working on territorial issues (environment, urban planning, transport, logistics) or in the field of information technology.

Research centers partnerships

The teachers of the Geography degree are also researchers. They carry out their research in the ESPACE Joint Research Unit, a laboratory that brings together various staff from the University and the CNRS.

Institution partnerships

Decentralized services of the State (DDE, DDA...) and the services of local authorities (SDIS, town planning agency...)

National Education establishments (nursery and primary schools, secondary schools)


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac

Required former training

Baccalauréat or equivalent diploma.
Public report of the Parcoursup Examination Commission availablehere in PDF format.

Admission conditions

Hold a baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma
Bridges exist for students who have already completed years of higher education in France or abroad.


At Avignon University, the pre-registration and registration procedures are done online on the website, see the "Registration" section.
Please note: some courses are only accessible after one or several steps of pre-selection and/or selection. Therefore, before registering, you must meet all the conditions for admission.

Conditions of validation

Continuous assessment for all the teaching units with various evaluation methods (specified at the beginning of the semester by each teacher): mid-term exams, oral presentations, tutorials, files, workshops...

Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 3
Level of education obtained after completion
Niveau III

Targeted skill(s)

In addition to the ability to search for and use information, to identify questions and problems specific to geography, to understand and analyse the main issues of spatial organisation on the surface of the globe, the course offered to Licence's students from S3 onwards allows them either to insist on mastering various instruments of geographical analysis, or to deepen their knowledge of history and geography in order to engage in pre-professionalization in the teaching professions.

Career Opportunities

Sector of activity

  • urban and regional planning
  • environment and sustainable development
  • economic development
  • tourism
  • geomarketing
  • spatial analysis and geomatics
  • transport
  • teaching
After successfully completing the Licence, it is possible to prepare for teaching jobs, for jobs as technicians or project managers in development associations, inter-communal cooperation structures and, more broadly, land management bodies (decentralised State services, consular chambers, consultancy firms, etc.).

Director of studies

Laure Casanova Enault

Date of update July 2, 2021