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Licence in Life and Earth Sciences (SVT)

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Length of studies
6 semesters
Campus Jean-Henri Fabre
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Licence degree in Sciences, Technologies and Health with a major in Life and Earth Sciences (SVT)

The SVT Licence is a 3-year generalist course. It was built to meet the expectations of a maximum of students interested in the disciplines offered, whatever their level.

The training is built in different Teaching Units (UE) allowing a progressive orientation from the first (L1) to the third year (L3) thanks to the choice of options in L2. The specialization is done in L3 by the choice of the course:

  • Agrosciences course (AGRO)
  • Biology, Health and Environment (BSE)
  • Earth and Water Sciences (EWS) course - more information here and here)
The SVT Licence is integrated in one of the two thematic axes of research developed and supported at Avignon University, the axis "Agrosciences and Sciences". Within this framework, students are made aware of scientific research from the first year.


The SVT Licence is the support of two CMI (Cursus Master Ingénierie) : Agro-HydroSystème (information here and here) and Plant Production, for 4 years.

These CMIs are accredited by the FiGuRe network (Formation à l'Ingénierie par des Universités de Recherche) which is a national cooperative network of autonomous universities ( The CMIs offer motivated students a demanding and professional training (in particular by following the teaching offered in the 3rd year by the STE and AGRO courses) which will enable them to occupy positions as specialized, adaptable and creative engineers.


Erasmus educational field

13.0 Natural sciences

ERASMUS field (if applicable)

Sciences naturelles


Voluntary internship possible each semester.

Compulsory internship in L3 S6.


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac

Required former training

L1: Baccalauréat level (S or equivalent recommended).

Access possible from many other courses (BTS, IUT, Prépa...) with possible equivalences.

Public report of the Parcoursup Examination Commission available here in PDF format.

Admission conditions

L1: admission procedure via the national platform Parcoursup, if you have completed your baccalaureate in less than 4 years.

Other courses / reorientations: contact the Schooling and Studies Service.

L2, L3: admission possible on file.


At the University of Avignon and Pays de Vaucluse, the pre-registration and registration procedures are done online on the website, see the "Registration" section.

Please note: some courses are only accessible after one or more pre-selection and/or selection stages. Therefore, before registering, you must meet all the conditions for admission.

The SVT Bachelor's degree provides quality initial training in the various fields of Life and Earth Sciences in L1 and L2, while allowing students to specify their training project by choosing options in L2. This project is finalized in L3 by a disciplinary specialization. This allows access to the accredited masters in the fields of Life, Earth, Environment and Health at Avignon University as well as in masters offered in other universities. It also allows a progressive preparation for careers in primary education (teaching in schools), secondary education (CAPES and agrégation de SVT) or higher education (PhD). The SVT licence also gives access to all post-graduate courses (in the same fields) in France (or in Europe) and to competitive examinations at Licence level.

In addition to specific courses in Life and Earth Sciences, the SVT degree offers in L1 and L2 courses in chemistry, mathematics and physics and non-scientific cross-disciplinary courses such as English, computer science, communication and professional projects. The SVT licence offers students the possibility of validating internships in the opening UEO (UEO) from L1. The course therefore enables students to acquire, in their chosen scientific speciality and at a personal level, (i) the skills to analyse a problem, particularly in the search for and choice of solutions, (ii) practical skills, particularly in laboratory or field work, and (iii) the skills to develop an effective strategy for communicating and disseminating the solutions envisaged and the results obtained on a problem.

Pedagogical pathways

Please note: change of model at the beginning of the 2018 academic year.The links will be updated in February.

Licence 1:
List of Teaching Units Semester 1
List of Teaching Units Semester 2

Licence 2:
List of Teaching Units Semester 3
List of Teaching Units Semester 4

Licence 3: see the course descriptions Agrosciences, Biology, Health and Environment and Earth and Water Sciences


Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 3
Level of education obtained after completion
Niveau III

Career Opportunities

Business sector

<Unknown label>, <Unknown label>, <Unknown label>

Further studies

Access to two Master's degrees from Avignon University and many other courses in France.


Teaching campuses
Jean-Henri Fabre Campus

Geographical site
Agrosciences building, on the Agroparc business park.

301, rue Baruch de Spinoza
BP 21239
84911 AVIGNON Cedex 9

Access map(s)
Consult the access map to the Jean-Henri Fabre Campus

Director of studies

Christophe Mazzia: SVT Licence referent and 1st year manager

Jawad Aarrouf: 2nd year SVT manager

Séverine Suchail: Head of the L3 "Agrosciences" course

Cyril Reboul: Head of the L3 "Biology, Health, Environment" course

Naomi Mazzilli: Head of the L3 "Earth and Water Sciences" course

Registrar office contact details

Christophe Mazzia: SVT Licence referent and 1st year manager
Office A007

+33 (0)4 90 14 44 58

Date of update June 25, 2021