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EA 3788 LBNC - Property, Norms, Contracts Laboratory


The Property, Norms, Contracts Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research unit that brings together jurists, political scientists, economists and managers around federative research projects.

It is structured around three research themes, two of which have traditionally structured the work of the researchers:

  •     Work - Employment

This theme is based on a double tradition: a historical and well established competence in labor law and a specialization of economists (Social and Solidarity Economy) on the issue of integration through economic activity.

  •     Voting and democracy

This theme brings together work (political, legal and economic) on different dimensions of voting and democratic expression (social democracy and corporate democracy, local democracy and electoral behavior, international law, etc.), each of which mobilizes all of the laboratory's disciplines.

These two themes are now completed, but also declined, through a third theme, Digital Societies, which more recently inscribes the team in one of the identity axes of Avignon University.


Christèle Lagier

Deputy Director
Emmanuel Netter

Administrative Manager

Philippe Mori

Academic Programs

Educational areas : <, Unknown label>,

·         Master Social Policy

·         Master IES Data Governance

·         Master of Law - Law & Digital course

·         Master of Law - M1 Notarial Law

·         Master's degree in Law - Legal professions course

·         Master in Sector Management

·         PhD in Law

·         PhD in Political Science

·         PhD in Economic Sciences

Research activities

The LBNC has strongly repositioned its work around the theme of Digital Societies.

In law, this theme is declined around digital law, whether it is digital criminal law, personal data law (RGPD compliance in general, obligations of data controllers, rights of data subjects, data circulation outside the European Union... ), e-commerce (common contract law, special contract law and consumer law applied to online transactions, electronic signatures and evidence, blockchain, smart contracts, crypto-currencies), online information (penalties for users and platforms for online hate or misleading information...), intangible wealth (intellectual property, dematerialized financial assets...), the renewal of commercial intermediation and forms of work by online platforms.

In economics and management, research at the LBNC focuses on the management of information systems. Recent work is related to the digital transformation of companies and organizations, digital management, digital marketing, digital commerce, etc. The consequences of the digital boom on the transformation of companies, the improvement of their functioning, the apprehension and understanding of their environment (economic, social/societal, environmental) and their markets are at the heart of the concerns of the researchers of the laboratory.

In the field of political science, the work of the researchers focuses on the digital transformation of political practices and organizations, both public and private, data governance, transparency of public action, e-democracy and the political web (Opinion bubble).


Examples of collaborations:

- Links with the legal and judicial professions

- Actions towards social action departments and associative networks

- Link with partners of the Master GD: Dpo consulting, Data activist

Additional informations

Skills and know-how

- Analysis of legal texts (law, jurisprudence,...).

- Field investigations.

- Data base processing

- Writing of synthetic research reports.

- Constructive use of survey results.

Equipment : Research and documentation room housing a documentary fund, attached to the Maurice Agulhon University Library.

Date of update March 1, 2022