[Residence Programme] Hosting of a Master 2 class from the University of Liège from 28/09 to 06/10 at the IMBE

Published on the September 28, 2021 Updated on the October 15, 2021

The UMR IMBE welcomes Master 2 students from the University of Liège from September 28 to October 6, 2021.

Within the framework of the one-year residency of professor Gregory Mahy from the University of Liège at the IMBE on the site of the IUT of Avignon, the IMBE welcomed a group of M2 students in landscape architecture and bioengineering in management of forests and natural areas from the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech of the University of Liège, between September 28 and October 06, 2021.

During their stay, after lectures by IMBE members from Avignon, field trips will be organized to the main experimental sites of the IMBE (Camargue, Crau plain, Rhone dykes, etc.). During this week of fieldwork in the Mediterranean region, these students will be analyzing the diversity of ecological engineering projects related to natural environments in a biogeographical and societal context that is very different from that of Belgium.

They will meet a panel of professionals in the field (European project managers, researchers, public managers), which will allow them to realize the diversity of the actors involved in these projects, but also to deepen their knowledge as ecologists as well as their skills as managers.

Date of update October 15, 2021