Authorization to Supervise Research (ADR)

The Authorization to Supervise Research (ADR) allows non-HDR staff to appear as official co-supervisor (for one thesis only). The beneficiary of the ADR will not be able to ensure a full direction. He/she will always be in co-supervision with an HDR staff.

The interested party must send by ticket via his/her ENT account (Logistic and Administrative Assistance -> Research Support Office) a file including:
  • a CV of about twenty pages tracing his/her research activity, his/her main administrative and pedagogical responsibilities (if any) as well as his/her participation in the supervision of second and potentially third cycle students;
  • a letter supporting the application and committing to defend the HDR within 3 years of the official progress of the thesis;
  • a letter of commitment from the HDR staff to assume the direction of the thesis in close collaboration with the staff requesting the ADR;
  • a brief description of the thesis program for which the ADR is requested.
The Doctoral School Council issues an opinion on the request, which is transmitted to the institution's Research Commission restricted to HDR personnel, which in turn issues the final opinion.

Date of update June 9, 2021