Communication, Research, Mediation and Dissemination of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture Unit

At the service of researchers, doctoral students, laboratories, and federative research structures, the unit supports and coordinates the dissemination of scientific, technical and industrial culture and research communication activities, aimed at a variety of audiences (scientists, the general public, schools, etc.).

Dissemination of scientific, technical and industrial culture

The dissemination of scientific culture is an important issue beyond the academic world, as it is at the interface of several major axes: access to scientific knowledge for all citizens, the development of a taste for science in young people and the promotion of scientific and technical heritage.

In this perspective, partnerships with local and regional actors of scientific culture are being developed and contribute to enriching the scientific popularization operations programmed throughout the year.


Research Communication

The aim is to highlight the dynamism of university research in Avignon.

Services offered

Date of update June 9, 2021