Centre for Open Electronic Publishing OpenEdition Portal (CLEO)

The Center for Open Electronic Publishing (Cléo) is a public non-profit initiative supported by several major research and higher education institutions: AMU, Avignon University, CNRS, EHESS, BSN, DARIAH.

Its main missions are the development of open access electronic publishing in the humanities and social sciences, the dissemination of uses and skills related to electronic publishing, and research and innovation in methods of promoting and searching for information induced by digital technology.

Cléo is developing the OpenEdition portal, a complete electronic publishing infrastructure for the dissemination of publications and information in the humanities and social sciences, which includes four complementary platforms:

  • OpenEdition Books, for book collections,
  • Revues.org, for journals,
  • Hypotheses for research blogs,
  • Calenda for announcements of academic events.

Together, these platforms receive 3 million monthly visits from all over the world. Since 2011, OpenEdition has been offering the Freemium program, a set of services and formats made available to libraries and their users.

The Cléo team brings together more than 50 people attached to the CNRS, EHESS or Aix-Marseille University, on three sites in Marseille, Paris and Lisbon.

URL: http://www.openedition.org

Date of update June 7, 2021