Laboratories of Excellence (Labex)

The "Future Investment" objective is to provide laboratories with international visibility with significant resources to strengthen their scientific excellence, in particular through the recruitment of very high-level scientists and the improvement of equipment.

At Avignon University:
  • In the Agrosciences field, the UMR SQPOV (UMR 408) and Qualisud (UMR 95) are members of the Labex Agro (Agronomy and Sustainable Development)
  • In the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Norbert Elias Centre is a member of the Labex MED (Humanities and Social Sciences at the heart of interdisciplinarity for the Mediterranean) and the CIHAM is part of the Labex Biblissima (Observatory of the written heritage of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance)
  • In the field of digital sciences, the LIA is a member of the Labex BLRI (Brain and Language Research Institute 2011-2019) and will be a member of the Convergence Institute Language, Communication & Brain (ILCB) which is a continuation of the BLRI

Date of update May 28, 2021