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2021 Campaign
Decrees on the opening of competitions:

Registration calendar for the 2021 session

1 / Registration for common competitions, reserved professional examinations and professional examinations for grade advancement.

Registrations are to be made on the ministerial site from April 1, 2021 at 12 (noon) to April 29, 2021 at 12 (noon).

Ministerial website for registration and follow-up of the application file

List of positions open to ITRF competitions

Applications must be sent by post only (registered mail recommended) to the address indicated on the first page of the application.
No applications sent by internal shuttle or delivered by hand will be accepted.

Open positions for Avignon University - The job descriptions and information on the organizing centers will be published as they become available.



Category Body/Nature Job type BAP Job type No. of positions Jury * Organizing Centre
A IGR / internal Project Manager or Infrastructure Expert E E1B42 1 Composition  Rectorat Dijon
A IGR / internal Head of International Cooperation J J1B44 1 Composition Paris Collège de France
A IGE / external Engineer in Animal Biology A A2B44 1 Composition Montpellier UM
A IGE / external System and Network Administrator E E2B43 1 Composition Brest
A IGE / internal Engineer for Digital Teaching F F2D57 1 Composition Lyon 1
A IGE / internal Real Estate Operations Officer G G2A41 1 Composition Mulhouse
A ASI / internal Administrative Management Assistant
J J3C44 1 Composition Paris Université
B TECH / internal Administrative Management Technician J J4C42 2 Composition Toulon
B TECH / internal Financial and Accounting Manager J J4E44 1 Composition Avignon
B TECH / internal Chemistry and Physical Science Technician B B4X41 1 Composition rectorat Aix Marseille

* the composition of the juries will be published later

Competitions organised for other assignment holders

Information and job descriptions can be found on the website of the structure to which you are assigned

Competition ASI - BAP G - Centre Organiser


Typical job

Number of positions


ASI / external

Building Maintenance Operations Manager


Eiffel University
Lorraine University
University of Paris 8

ASI / internal

Building Maintenance Operations Manager


Cergy Paris
University of Southern Brittany

UPS / internal

Fire safety manager


Insa Lyon
University of Paris 9
University of Toulouse


TECH Competition - BAP J - Administrative Management Manager


Assignee center

Number of positions

Board of Examiners

TECH / external

Crous de Corte



TECH / external

University of Nice




Date of update May 25, 2021