Editorial Committee

  • Jacky Barbe, Director of the University Library of Avignon University
  • Aurélia Barrière, Scientific mediation officer - Communication engineer
  • Yves Caron, Editorial manager of the EUA
  • Guido Castelnuovo, Director of the EUA (Professor, History, UFR SHS, CIHAM - UMR 5648)
  • Cyrielle Garson (MCF, Information and documentation sciences, UFR SHS, Nobert Elias Centre -- UMR 8562)
  • Cyrielle Garson (MCF, English, UFR ALL, ICTT Laboratory -- EA 4277)
  • Madelena Gonzalez (Professor, English, UFR ALL, Director of the ICTT Laboratory - EA 4277)
  • Georges Linarès, Vice-President, Research Commission
  • Christèle Lagier, (MCF, Political Science, UFR DEG, BNC Laboratory)
  • Damien Malinas (Vice President Culture, MCF, Information-Communication, CNE - UMR 8562)

Date of update June 4, 2021