Culture & Musées Magazine

Culture & Musées is a biannual journal in humanities and social sciences (qualifying in information and communication sciences, 71e section CNU) specialized in museology and heritage studies. It publishes original research on the public, institutions and cultural mediation. It is aimed at researchers and students in these fields as well as professionals working in the field of museums and heritage.

The journal is published on the portal of electronic resources OpenEdition.

Since 2010, the journal has an international dimension as it is indexed at INIST and on the Arts and Humanities Citation Index and Current Contents/Arts and Humanities (Thomson Reuters), Mir@bel,, Web of science, Scimago and Scopus databases.

It is currently co-sponsored by Avignon University and Grenoble Alpes University. It is published with the support of the Directorate General of Heritage - Department of Public Policy of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the CNRS-INSHS, the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region and the Centre Norbert Elias (UMR 8562).

Each issue of the journal is composed of a thematic dossier that explores a specific issue under the direction of a specialist scientist chosen by the editorial board. The contributions to this thematic dossier are submitted to an anonymous double-blind review.

Other sections complete each issue:


Receives research articles that do not address the theme of the issue. These papers are double-blind reviewed and monitored by the editorial board.

Research papers and notes:

Brings together notes from ongoing research or emerging projects, doctoral dissertation reviews, and French-language summaries of master's research theses in museology and heritage studies.

Experiences and views:

Presents reports on completed projects, summaries of funded studies, and points of view on a current issue or point of view that affect museology or heritage studies.


Offers summaries of works dealing with museums, culture, audiences, and heritages.

Visits to exhibitions:

Presents writing in the style of exhibition criticism, from a museological perspective.

Date of update June 9, 2021