Withdrawal of diploma

The diploma will be issued at the request of the person concerned approximately 6 months after the jury's deliberation.

Procedure to be followed :

You must download the application for withdrawal of diploma and send it or drop it off at the school office.

Allow at least three weeks between the application and the issue of your diploma.

If your original diploma has been destroyed, lost or stolen, you can make a request for a duplicate diploma with official supporting documents to verify the validity of the claim (damage report, receipt of complaint, declaration on honour, etc.). TDownload the application form for a duplicate diploma.

Once your diploma has been edited, you can then retrieve it either :
a) On site, at the reception desk of the school office (you will receive an e-mail informing you that your diploma is available):
You will need to show your identity card and return the original provisional certificate of your diploma (if you have withdrawn it).

In the event that your diploma is withdrawn by a third party, all of the following documents must be presented:

  • a handwritten letter giving power of attorney to a third person,
  • the identity card of the third party,
  • a copy of your identity card,
  • the provisional certificate of your diploma
b) By mail :
When submitting or sending your application for the withdrawal of a diploma, you must enclose :
  • a copy of your identity card,
  • the original provisional certificate of your diploma (if you have withdrawn it)
  • an A4 envelope with your name and address on it, with €6.20 postage for a shipment in France (or at the current rate for an international registered shipment). The shipment must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. AttentionDo not provide a "green letter" or "tracked mail" envelope.