Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is an important part of your departure. The choice of courses that you will follow abroad must be done in close relation with the educational coordinator of your component or department. The Learning Agreement must be signed by you and by the responsible persons at the home and host institutions.

Erasmus+ Mobilities

For mobility in Erasmus+ countries, students must enter a Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

Input help : OLA Guide

If you are unable to enter your OLA, you may exceptionally use the Learning Agreement in Word format.

Non-Erasmus+ mobility

In the case of a study mobility in a country outside the Erasmus+ programme, you must complete the Study contract outside Europe.

Some rules to consider

The exchange student is a student full time. You must take 30 ECTS credits of courses per semester, or the equivalent in the local system of the host institution. In Europe, the normal workload for a full-time student is 30 ECTS credits per semester, regardless of their field and level of study. Exchange students follow the same courses and are subject to the same assessments as local students.

Any subsequent modification of the Learning Agreement must first be validated by your Avignon University pedagogical coordinator (e.g. if some of the courses initially planned overlap in the timetable, are no longer offered, or prove unsuitable for your profile).

The courses are assessed at the host institution, which will send us your transcript of records once your study period is over. Once you have successfully completed the course, it will be validated by the jury of the course in which you are registered at Avignon University for the acquisition of the semester or academic year by equivalence.