Your administrative procedures (forms)

A) Special Education Scheme (RSE)

Students can benefit from a Special Education Scheme under certain conditions (see the general study regulations).
Applications for the RSE must be submitted no later than one month after the beginning of the
of the semester with the schooling service. After approval by the schooling service, the terms and conditions for the organization of this RSE are included in the pedagogical study contract agreed between the student and their director of studies (in L1 and L2) or the year or course director (in L3). When a student becomes eligible for the RSE during the semester and cannot therefore submit an application within the time limit, the opinion of the course director is required.

Students with disabilities must make an appointment with the preventive medicine.

B) Transfer departure

You can download and fill in your transfer request.
You must then send this application to the Schooling Office, along with the necessary documents (summary of results, acceptance from the host university, envelope with normal postage).
This document must then be signed, with a favourable opinion, by the host university and returned to the Schooling Office so that the transfer can be made.

C) Reimbursement of registration fees

You can benefit from a refund of the registration fees:

E) Provisional attestation to the diploma

The provisional attestation of your diploma can be collected approximately 3 weeks after the jury's deliberation.
You must download the provisional attestation request form (pdf) and return it duly completed to the Schooling Office.

F) Collect your diploma

The diploma will be issued at the request of the interested party within 6 months following the jury's deliberation.

You must download the form to request the withdrawal of your diploma and send it or drop it off at the the Schooling Office.
Please allow at least three weeks between the request and the issue of your diploma.

If your original diploma has been destroyed, lost or stolen, you can make a request for a duplicate diploma with official supporting documents to verify the validity of the request (damage report, receipt of complaint, declaration on honour, etc.). Download the form to request a duplicate diploma.

Once your diploma has been issued, you can then collect it either:

a) On site, at the reception of the Schooling Office (you will receive an email informing you that your diploma is available):

You will need to present your ID card and return the original provisional certificate of your diploma (if you have withdrawn it).

In case of withdrawal of your diploma by a third party, all the following documents must be presented:
  • a handwritten letter giving power of attorney to a third party,
  • the identity card of the third party,
  • a copy of your identity card,
  • the provisional certificate of your diploma

b) By mail:

When submitting or mailing your application for withdrawal of diploma, you must enclose:
  • a copy of your identity card,
  • the original provisional certificate of your diploma (if you have withdrawn it)
  • an A4 envelope with your name and address, stamped at 6,20 € for a sending in France (or at the current rate for an international registered mail). The shipment must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.

G) Cancellation

If you realize that the registration you have made does not correspond to you, you have the possibility to cancel it.
Before the beginning of the academic year (or until 31 October of the current year according to the conditions approved at the Board of Directors on 19 May 2020): you can request a refund of the registration fee.
After October 31, you will not be eligible for a refund.

H) Gap year

To know the procedure, click here.

Date of update June 17, 2021