Baccalaureate holders, Future baccalaureate holders

A) Baccalaureate holders / Future baccalaureate holders

You must follow the procedure on the Parcoursup admission platform.

To find out about the composition of the examination commissions of the wishes at Avignon University, click here.

The decision support tool is used by the programs according to pre-defined criteria published on the Parcoursup platform.
In accordance with the decision of the Constitutional Council, the reports of the commissions of examination of the wishes will be posted on the pages dedicated to the programs at the end of the complementary phase.

Once you have accepted the admission proposal on Parcoursup, you can proceed with your registration at Avignon University according to the calendar.

Please note:
You have received a "Yes if" admission proposal for Avignon University.
You must have an appointment with an orientation engineer to finalize your administrative registration by clicking here.

B) French students with a foreign baccalaureate

For a registration in the 1st year of DUT: follow the Parcoursup procedure.

For all other registrations: make a request for validation of studies or an application file depending on the course and level chosen.

Once your pre-registration request has been accepted (according to your situation mentioned above) an ID will be sent to you, allowing you to register online in accordance with the calendar.

To contact us:

Date of update June 17, 2021