PIX Certification


PIX is the new certification tool for digital skills.
It is based on the European DIGCOMP skills reference system.
Many companies are already partners of PIX for the evaluation of the competences of their employees.
The PIX certification will thus constitute a valorizing element of the CV as well as a linguistic certification.

PIX is:

  • A positioning platform:
    It allows anyone who wishes to do so to self-assess their digital skills for free.
PIX offers a variety of online activities, from searching for information to modifying downloaded files.
A website to prepare: (https://pix.fr/)

  • A certification platform:
    Avignon University is a certification center. It organizes certification sessions allowing students to establish a level of competence in their pix profile. A user having passed all the tests of all the domains of competence will realize the global score of 1024 pix.


  • Preparing for the certification:
    2 UEO allow to prepare for the certification.
They take place during odd and even semesters on the Hannah Arendt and Jean-Henri Fabre sites.

Semester 1 2018-2019
- Jean Henri Fabre: Monday from 5:30 to 7:00 pm
- Hannah Arendt: Friday from 5:30 to 7:00 pm

  • Taking the PIX certification
    The University will organize regular certification sessions from the end of January 2019.
Dates and practical details of registration will be communicated in November or December 2018.

- Be enrolled in L3 or M1
- Not to have already taken the certification
- Have obtained in positioning the validation of at least 5 levels on each of the skills, by being identified on the PIX platform with your university email address.
- Have satisfied the registration formalities.

There will be a maximum of 400 places in 2018-2019.
Students who have validated the PIX certification UEO will be given priority.

Contact: pix@univ-avignon.fr

Date of update May 25, 2021