Orientation assistance

The House of Orientation and Integration offers support in finding information and provides books and brochures on study courses and jobs (CIDJ, Onisep, Apec, etc.).

In addition to the paper documentation, it also has software (e.g. Atlas of initial training / Onisep) to identify the training offer on the territory in a precise and rapid manner. The website offers access to a range of specialised sites.

Students can also receive guidance and support in developing their training and career plans from a National Education Psychologist, by appointment.

  • For L1 students, a module of support for the construction of the training and professional project (APFP) is provided as part of their training
  • In the same way, a module to help build a professional orientation project (POP) is given to L1 and L2 students

Date of update May 7, 2021