Help with professional integration

In the context of professional integration, the House of Orientation and Integration in partnership with the UFR-ip offers:
  • in L2/L3, a module of preparation for the internship;
  • in the Master's programme, modules designed to prepare students for their professional integration. These modules include assistance in building a CV and cover letter as well as preparation for the recruitment interview.
It also conducts surveys on the professional integration of the graduates of Avignon University and realizes directories of the accessible professions on this page

The House of Orientation and Integration also offers:
  • "activity and business creation" UEO, open to all students ;
  • specific business creation schemes within the framework of the Pépite PACA Ouest: the 36-hour timetable, the entrepreneurial events, the student-entrepreneur status, the student-entrepreneur diploma
  • specific documentation on recruitment and job search techniques (CV, cover letter, application letter, etc.) and on current events in the job market, all sectors included.
  • advice on writing CVs and cover letters or preparing for interviews is available from our job placement officers, by appointment.
Finally, it distributes internship and job offers that it receives by e-mail to the secretariats of the departments concerned. The secretariats have these offers at your disposal.

Date of update May 10, 2021