Internships / Jobs / Employment

You are a student

  • You want to go on an internship: Administrative procedures.
  • You can also find information and internship agreements on your virtual work environment ENT > Administration tab > Internship section

The internship is carried out with a view to obtaining a diploma or a certification, and must be integrated into your training course. It is subject to a mandatory agreement between the host organisation, the training establishment and yourself.

Please note:
the internship agreements are managed by your pedagogical secretariat. They can also provide you with the list of internships from previous years.

  • You wish to work during your studies
Numerous surveys show that it becomes difficult for a student to succeed in his or her studies if he or she has a job that lasts more than 15 hours a week. Therefore, favour jobs with short working hours that are compatible with your schedule.

Student job regulations
You are a foreign student
Legal working hours
How much should you be paid?

The House of Orientation and Integration offers tools to help you find internships/jobs/employment:

  • Find your student job, summer job or seasonal job with a private employer, professional or even the CROUS


Date of update May 27, 2021