Students returning to school / Trainees with Continuing Education status

You fall under the status of continuing education in the following cases:
  • Enrolment in a training course under individual contract.
  • Training financed by a public body (local authority, Pôle Emploi).
  • Training financed by a private body (approved parity collecting body, professional branch, individual training leave, professionalization contract).
  • Trainee receiving compensation from Pôle Emploi.
  • Training exempt from the threshold rate (RSA, ASS).
  • Enrolment with an accompanying curriculum and special arrangements (obligation of the individual contract).
Complete your pre-registration according to your profile:
  • You are a French national, hold a French baccalaureate and have never been enrolled in a higher education institution: you must follow the Parcoursup admission procedure.
  • You are a French citizen and have a foreign baccalaureate >>
  • You have already been registered in another higher education institution >>
  • You wish to apply for a course of study on application form
  • You do not have a baccalaureate >>
Once your pre-registration file has been accepted, please contact the continuing education department.

Then, thanks to the ID which will have been transmitted to you, you will be able to carry out your inscription and to obtain an appointment at the university.

Date of update May 26, 2021