Training rates - Quotation

For training courses and diplomas specifically organised by the Lifelong Learning Department in Continuing Education

All short courses and diplomas are subject to a fee.
The price of each course is specified on the detailed programme available on the training pages of the site (in the box at the top right) or on request.

An estimate can be sent to you on request from the training managers. Please be sure to include your full name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and, if applicable, the third-party funder: OPCO, Pôle Emploi, Employer, Agefiph ....

List of training courses run by the Lifelong Learning Department

For all other diplomas (insertion in initial training public fc)

Your application file must be completed online or directly to the pedagogical secretariat of the diploma you are considering.

You must complete the registration authorization by the person in charge of education and send it to us.

An estimate can be sent to you on request. Please specify the title of the training course, your surname, first name, full address, e-mail address, telephone number, as well as the third-party funder if applicable: OPCO, Pôle Emploi, Employer, Agefiph .... and any other useful information.
Request to be sent to:

Must be registered in the framework of continuing education (at the continuing education rate):
  • employees who benefit from a payment from their employer or a third party financing organisation
  • beneficiaries of a professionalization contract or a PRO-A (e.g. professionalization period)
  • jobseekers receiving compensation and RSA beneficiaries
The specific rates voted by the Board of Directors apply. In the absence of a specific rate, the cost is :
for level IV and III diplomas (bac+1 and +2): 12 € per hour,
for level II and I diplomas (bac+3 and more): 15 € per hour
University fees and any VAPP fees are not included.
The CVEC Student Life and Campus Contribution does not apply to students in continuing education.

We can help you find funding before you start your course.
You must request an appointment to study your situation carefully
  • Employees who are in the process of taking their own course,
  • jobseekers who are not receiving compensation,
  • retired persons
You must open your activity account to use your training account.
From professional development advisors are at your disposal to help you.
The University of Avignon is a signatory of the charter of SPRO South Region. A toll-free number to advise you: 0 800 600 007 (free service and call)

The training fee corresponds to a contribution to the costs of training which are not covered by the State and which must be borne by the actors with competence in the field of continuing vocational training (Regional Councils, OPCO, employers, Pôle Emploi, etc.). These then intervene according to their own criteria, which can leave the costs to be borne by the individuals.

Not covered by continuing education:

How to register for a diploma

  1. Fulfill the prerequisites or benefit from a validation of prior learning
  2. To have determined the modalities of financing of the training and to have obtained the agreements of assumption of responsibility of the possible financers
  3. Be admitted to the course
  4. If you are a foreign student, you may have to take specific steps in addition to the following

Date of update April 30, 2021