ECTS credits

The ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) represent, in the form of a numerical value (value between 1 and 60) assigned to each course unit, the amount of work that the student is supposed to do (lectures, TD, TP, personal work) for each of them. In the European credit system, 60 credits represent the volume of one year of study.

In order to obtain the different degrees in higher education, a student must validate:
  • for a Licence: 180 credits in six semesters
  • for a Master's degree: 120 credits in four semesters after the Licence
  • the Doctorate is then accessible after validation of 300 credits (180 in Licence + 120 in Master)
The intermediate titles of DEUG can be delivered after validation of the first 120 credits of the Licence and for the Maîtrise after validation of the first 60 credits of the Master.

Date of update April 30, 2021