Apprenticeship tax

Why support vocational training in higher education?

There are three main reasons for supporting apprenticeship:
- supporting vocational training: helping apprentices enter the job market
- to participate in the development of qualifications and skills as close as possible to the needs of companies
- the SFTLV's mission is to diagnose needs and develop apprenticeship training

How does the apprenticeship tax work?

In 2020, the "law for the freedom to choose one's professional future" modified the methods of calculating and collecting the apprenticeship tax. From now on, you pay:

- 87% of your apprenticeship tax, to your OPCO

- 13% of your apprenticeship tax, directly to the establishments of your choice.

This year, you will be able to pay us directly 13% of your apprenticeship tax to support the professional training of Avignon University.

Download here the form on the apprenticeship tax

You can pay your apprenticeship tax from now until June 31st 2020

Date of update May 3, 2021