Agenda 21

Agenda 21 for Higher, Scientific, Cultural, Artistic, Professional and Technical Education in Avignon

The Agenda 21 approach for higher education, scientific, cultural, artistic, professional and technical education in Avignon is a local and current version of "Agenda 21", the international sustainable development programme drawn up in 1992 for the Earth Summit in Rio: the 178 signatory countries have undertaken to ensure that their local authorities take up the approach via local Agendas 21.

The environment is not the only aspect of Agenda 21. It is of course a question of taking into account the protection of living beings and natural resources, but it is also a question of reviewing our modes of production and consumption, conceiving new forms of development and integrating principles of sustainability, solidarity and culture. The three areas concerned for a more sustainable development are environment, social and economy. Agenda 21 is based on the mobilization of all actors to effectively implement such an approach.

The institutions gathered around the Agenda 21 for Higher, Scientific, Cultural, Artistic, Professional and Technical Education in Avignon, work at different levels in training, research and dissemination of culture and knowledge to the population. Beyond their missions, what unites them is also a territory, partners and common objectives.
Today, having highlighted their respective problems and expectations, they have decided to get together in order to make a common statement, to pool their skills and resources and to work together in a process of progress within the framework of the missions assigned to them by their respective supervisory authorities.

The creation of think tanks between different higher education establishments of a cultural nature belonging to the same territory makes it possible to federate the means and skills of the structures around common challenges and missions. It gives greater strength to collective projects at the territorial level and with the supervisory authorities of each structure.

Seven projects have been launched around the following themes:

The creation of an Agenda 21 for higher education structures of a cultural nature facilitates the dialogue of diplomas, training and research, which is the current wish of the Ministries of Culture and Communication and of Higher Education and Research.

Date of update June 1, 2021