Ville Campus Program

Living on campus and networking the university community with its territory

A university career is marked by many challenges that affect academic success and personal development. In this context, the campus is a place of education in the broadest sense of the word, and the transmission of academic knowledge is accompanied by a wide range of learning activities: learning about freedom and its limits, taking responsibility, developing autonomy, building a social and relational self, setting up cultural and sporting activities, building a personal and professional network... being a student is a job that can be learned.

To create the conditions for these successes, Avignon University and the CROUS of Aix-Marseille-Avignon have joined forces to bring together the two campuses, Hannah Arendt and Jean-Henri Fabre, under the concept of Ville Campus (Campus City).

Creating a Campus City means developing a living space that connects the university community with its territory. The Campus City is a space where each student benefits from comprehensive, transversal and sustainable support through useful and accessible services in the following areas:

  • academic success and professional integration
  • accessibility, prevention and health
  • accommodation and catering
  • access to scholarships, social aid and facilitation of administrative procedures
  • cultural and sports activities
  • mobility and support for international students.
All these services are factors in the creation of encounters, the discovery of new educational and professional opportunities and the broadening of personal, relational and professional horizons. They indirectly contribute to helping students in their choices, in the need to assume them and to find the means to carry them through to the end.

The Campus City is a place that connects the University to its territory thanks to the complementarity of its two campuses. In contact with the socio-economic actors of the territory, the campuses must be seen as sources of innovation and transformation of the city.
To give shape to this Campus City, the CROUS of Aix-Marseille-Avignon and Avignon University propose to develop 3 strategic axes:

You can follow the evolution of the project on the dedicated Facebook page and download the Ville Campus smartphone application (App Store and Google Play).

Date of update June 1, 2021