Social Service

CROUS social service
The CROUS social service's mission is to help students to integrate into their studies as well as possible and to learn how to become independent in the best possible conditions.

The social worker is subject to professional secrecy.
He/she is in charge of taking into account all social problems (economic, family, health, orientation) that students may encounter.

Two types of specific aid can be granted to cope with financial difficulties:
•• one-time assistance;
•• annual allowances.


CROUS social assistants: Malika Bellanger & Fabrice Mante

Make an appointment online with the social service
Go to "Make an appointment with the Crous"


  • Hannah Arendt Campus
Local branch of the Crous
From Monday to Friday
From 9am to 12.30pm - By appointment

  • Jean-Henri Fabre campus
CERI/Espace sanitaire et social - bureau C048
Thursdays from 9am to 4pm
Individual aid from the FSDIE
The FSDIE (Solidarity and Development Fund for Student Initiatives) of Avignon University helps students in financial difficulty and in precarious situations.
In addition, within the framework of internships, reorientation projects and mobility, the FSDIE encourages academic success.

To benefit from it, students must contact the CROUS social service.
A monthly allocation committee then decides on the nature and amount of any aid granted, while respecting the anonymity of the students concerned.

It will examine in priority the files of students who have:
•• built a professional integration project requiring an internship in a professional environment that is difficult to combine with a seasonal job or during their year of study;
•• a coherent project of reorientation within the institution and validated by the university authorities;
•• a university project requiring international academic or professional mobility, the financial cost of which would not be covered by other mobility grants.
Scholarship or student accommodation
To apply for a scholarship or accommodation in a university residence, you must
fill in a student social file (DSE), between 20 January and 15 May 2021.


Date of update June 3, 2021