Preventive medicine

The university health service: preventive medicine

  • Optimizing living and studying conditions
  • Accompanying, helping, supporting and guiding
Do you need advice, an opinion?
Don't be left alone with a question, a doubt, a concern...
Come and meet a medical or paramedical professional.

The multidisciplinary team (doctor, nurse) is responsible for ensuring the medical protection of students and organizing information, awareness, prevention and health promotion campaigns.

The service is available to students with the following main missions:

- A preventive health check-up during the first 3 years of enrolment in Higher Education (medical, psychological and social approach, verification of vaccination status)
- Individual consultations
- Support for students with disabilities
- Collective actions of health education, screening and health promotion
- Medical visits for international students (OFII)
- Contribution to the fight against health crises

The team is at the disposal of students for any advice or health problem, in order to carry out their studies in the best physical, psychological or social conditions and to optimize their well-being during their studies.

In partnership with numerous structures, we will answer and/or guide you in particular concerning:
- sexuality, contraception, STI, abortion, free and anonymous screening centre
- alcohol, tobacco, drug addiction, various addictions
- depression, psychological disorders, anxiety
- eating and sleeping disorders
- any medical, social, family or emotional difficulty that may hinder your studies

It is recommended that students with chronic illnesses or specific needs or in the context of a disability contact the Health Service (Preventive Medicine and Disability Support Service) at the beginning of the year to enable the application of accommodation measures for the curriculum and/or examinations.

Date of update June 17, 2021