Digital Services

Avignon University provides its students and staff with numerous digital tools to facilitate their work.

Access to the tools

The Information Systems Operations Department (DOSI) provides students with:

  • 12 rooms equipped with computers connected to the network, including 3 in free access, for the Hannah Arendt Campus;
  • 15 rooms equipped with computers for the Jean-Henri Fabre Campus.
Access to the University network and more generally to the Internet is also possible with one's own laptop, by Wi-Fi in many areas of the University (BU, gardens, ground floor, halls) or in some rooms with a wired connection (sockets with blue dots).

The use of rooms and computer equipment requires a digital identity (login and password) issued to students by the Studies and Schooling Service when they register.

Digital and audiovisual resources

Videoprojections of courses can be carried out in all the rooms of the University, thanks to fixed or mobile equipment.

The Audiovisual and Information and Communication Technologies for Education (ICTE) missions can assist teachers in setting up and using the equipment and in designing their audiovisual or digital course materials.

Videoconferences can be arranged by reservation.

A rich Digital Working Environment (ENT)

The Avignon University ENT is presented as a web portal. It is therefore accessible 24 hours a day from any computer connected to the Internet.

All the digital services offered to the students and staff of Avignon University via the ENT are accessible thanks to their digital identity (login and password).

Each student registered at Avignon University has an email address valid for life in the form This address is the official address of the students. Its purpose is to facilitate exchanges between the student and the teachers, between the student and the administration of the University, including after the end of his/her studies.

Date of update May 11, 2021