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[Open programming at Patch Culture, October 2020]

- A week of art in Avignon / Avignon Festival, from 23 to 31 October 2020
6 performances are proposed to you from Tuesday 6th October at the Patch Culture rate (5€):
- Le jeu des ombres (The game of shadows) - Tuesday 27 October at 8.30pm
- Mellizo Doble - Sunday, October 25 at 4pm
- Traces - Saturday October 24th at 5pm
- Andromaque à l'infini - Saturday, October 31 at 8:30 pm
- Moby Dick - Saturday, October 31 at 4pm
- Une cérémonie (A Ceremony) - Friday October 30th at 4pm
>> Reservation only by mail, from Tuesday October 6th, to subject to availability and validation of your Patch Culture

The Patch Culture also allows you to benefit from unlimited 6€ prices in the Pathé Cap Sud, Capitole Studios, Utopia, Le Vox and Le Rex cinemas
Culture is highly addictive, you can continue
The Patch Culture is a program which aims to develop and diversify the cultural practices of the university community of Avignon.
Indeed, in our university, culture is thought as a place of gathering: it should not favour corporatism by distinguishing students, teachers-researchers and administrators. On the other hand, it is not enough to consolidate the cultural practices of those who already have them.
The average cultural budget of a student is five euros per month. And this average tells us very clearly that, for many, the budget is zero, whereas some, few, will put in ten or twenty euros. The aim of the Patch Culture is to work for those who already have a budget, but also for those who do not yet have one: to discover what is unknown, because we believe that for the most part, there is no rejection of culture, but an autonomous appointment to be built over time.
As the historian Paul Veyne points out when we don't see what we don't see, we don't even know that we don't see it. It also seems important to us to encourage the exploration of the various facilities, structures and practices in the Avignon area. This is why the agreements signed between the cultural structures producing performances, shows, concerts, exhibitions and the university provide for a basic fee of five euros once a year and per member of the university community.
This year, several structures have committed themselves to setting up a permanent rate of €5 for holders of the Patch Culture, find them in your diary guide.

Feeding the future.
For the past two years, hotel and restaurant owners have joined forces with the Patch Culture to offer special deals for the university community (Le Petit Chaudron, Chez Françoise).

Goddog, creator of the 2019 and 2020 totebag

Each year, as soon as you validate your Patch Culture, you will be offered an object that will mark the identity of Avignon University and promote the feeling of belonging.

In 2019-2021, it is the artist Goddog who signs the totebag.

The partners

Live performance

Association Eveil Artistique / Le Totem
ATP of AVignon
L'autre Scène (Vedène)
Eclats de Scènes / Centre dra
La Fabrik' Théâtre
Maison de la poésie
Surikat Productions
Théâtre du Balcon
Théâtre des Carmes
Théâtre du Chêne Noir
Théâtre du Chapeau Rouge
Théâtre du Chien qui Fume
Théâtre des Doms
Théâtre des Halles
Théâtre de l'Isle 80
Théâtre Golovine
Théâtre de l'Orangeraie
Théâtre de l'Oulle
Le Paris Theatre
Théâtre du Rempart
Vélo Théâtre (Apt)

Association Crréa
Association Free'sson
Association Orgue et Musique Sacrée en Avignon
La Gare de Coustellet
Luberon Music Festival
Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional du Grand Avignon
Opera of Avignon
Avignon Provence Regional Orchestra
Paloma Nîmes
Les Passagers du Zinc
Tremplin Jazz Avignon

Capitole Studios
Pathé Cap Sud
Miradas Hispanas
Cinéma Vox
Cinéma Le Rex
Rencontres Cinématographiques du Sud

Avignon Festival
Avignon le Off
CDCN Uzès Danse
CDCN Les Hivernales
Là ! C'est de la musique
Love Letters Festival
Villeneuve en scène


Ardenome (former salt storehouse)
La Chartreuse - CNES
Collection Lambert
Maison Jean Vilar
Lapidary Museum
Petit Palais Museum
Calvet Museum
Angladon Museum
Vouland Museum

Scientific Culture
Café des Sciences
Association des Petits Débrouillards
Parc du Cosmos

Le Petit Chaudron

Instructions for use

The patch culture allows you to benefit from 5€ tickets (or 6€ in cinemas and some partners) in each of the 60 partner structures.
The pre-cut card is free and available at the reception of your campus.
It must be validated at the reception of the Hannah Arendt campus (Monday to Friday) or on the Jean-Henri Fabre campus (regularly on duty) and to be presented to each of the participating structures when making your reservations.
You can put your culture patch into service from 29 September 2020.

To be valid, your patch must be validated by the University before making the reservation with the partners. A 5€ (within the limit of available seats) or 6€ (in cinemas) ticket will be issued to you upon presentation of your Patch Culture, duly completed and validated by the University Reception. You can validate it all year long.

1/ Collect your patch (campus reception) and fill in your name, first name, paste a passport photo, sign
2/ Have your patch validated at the reception of your campus
3/ Present your validated Patch Culture when booking with our partners

>> Find the program accessible via the Patch Culture on this page and on Facebook

Interactive map of Patch partners

View the interactive map of the 60 Patch Culture partners, in Avignon but also in Vaucluse and Gard.

Date of update June 1, 2021