Les Leçons de l'Université

Les Leçons de l'Université (the University's Lessons) in 2017
Villa Créative Supramuros, Louis Pasteur site

  • Monday 17 July - 1pm / 2pm: Lesson by Thomas Quillardet
  • Tuesday 18 July - 1pm/14pm: Lesson by Tiago Rodrigues
  • Wednesday 19 July - 1pm/14pm: Lesson by Emma Dante
Avignon University is associated with the Avignon Festival since 2005 through Les Leçons de l'Université. Each year, during the Festival, Les Leçons de l'Université invite personalities from the world of culture and entertainment for a one-hour lecture introduced by an academic.

They are published by the Avignon University Editions and allow the promotion of the invited personalities and the festival's program. Since 2008, Avignon University has also revived the Vilarienne tradition by proposing open-air film screenings.

These lessons are organized, within the framework of the Avignon Festival, with privileged cultural partners of the city. Their objective is to allow personalities from the world of culture to establish a direct contact with the public, without a mediator.

The Villa Créative - Supramuros - Pasteur site of Avignon University will be a central place of thought, debates, intellectual and scientific exchanges of the Avignon Festival. The University has chosen to put at the Festival's disposal its "totem building", a real platform dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation through research in different fields of culture, which will allow to innovate and create beyond the walls: Supramuros.

In addition to hosting performances, the University tends to become the place of reflection and professionalization of the Festival. Several professional structures from the world of culture meet at the University for their annual meetings during the Festival, such as the A+U+C network.
Les Leçons de l'Université are transcribed and published by the Avignon University Editions.

Date of update June 1, 2021