Campus Life Office

The Campus Life Office (BVC) is attached to the House of Culture and Campus Life.

This structure is a place of exchange, sharing of responsibilities and realization of common projects intended to improve the life on campus. It respects the values of pluralism, tolerance and solidarity. It is a place of resources for the development of the associative life of Avignon University.

The main missions of the BVC are:

  • to train the associative leaders, in particular via the Associative and civic commitment UEO;
  • the follow-up of student associations (charter of associations, changes of office, request of domiciliation, Associative RSE...);
  • the follow-up and management of the REVE premises;
  • the link between the students, the elected students, the student Vice-President and the FSDIE commission;
  • to support student projects and initiatives, in particular by helping to set up associations, providing advice and technical assistance in setting up projects (budgets, partnerships, co-financing, etc.);
  • to support students throughout the year by listening, monitoring and paying particular attention to students with specific needs (mobility, disabilities, RSE);
  • to organize events: gala, graduation, JAE... and to promote student and association events.
Students can find all the information they need to make their university studies run smoothly.

Date of update June 21, 2021