Support for disabled students

Are you a student with a temporary or permanent disability?

Do not hesitate to ask for accommodations for your exams and/or your studies.

For your exams
Extra time, examination secretariat, individual room, enlargement of subjects, loan of PC with DRAGON or ANTIDOTE, reformulation/reading of the subject.

For your studies
Accompaniment on campus, pedagogical support, note-taking, curriculum planning.

As soon as you register, ask to benefit from the Special Education Scheme (RSE) before 30 October (for the academic year), and before 1 March, for the second semester, except in cases of proven emergency or accident.

The Disability Support Service (Relais Handicap) is in charge of accompanying you, guiding you and advising you in order to organize your studies as well as possible and to find solutions adapted to your situation.

It is important to inform the Disability Support Service as soon as possible so that the adjustments, after being validated during a medical visit to the University Health Service, can be put in place as soon as possible.

Referring Student for Disability
Since 2018, in order to continue the support of students with disabilities, we have created a new email address:


It allows you to meet a student, himself in a situation of disability.
This does not replace the procedure linked to the medical visit and the arrangements that the University could make with your agreement.

Referring Student for disability

Dear students,
I am Jean-Jacques Villaret, a student in L2 History and, as a referring student with a disability, I am addressing an important subject:
I am a student with a disability in university studies because I am myself disabled by a neurodegenerative orphan disease.
I would not have passed my year without the precious help of a note taker and an exam secretary. I know that it is sometimes complicated to talk about our handicap, our problems but it is fundamental for the success of our studies.
Do not hesitate to talk about it, the university services are there to help you.
You can also contact me for any request, question, project, difficulty, at the following email address:

Jean-Jacques Villaret
Referring Student for Disability

Discover the film "Chacun son chemin" (Everyone has a path)

This film, directed by Alain PITON, presents the different visual perceptions according to visual impairment. Coordinated by the MDPH 84, it was conceived and financed thanks to the participation of the associations AVH, Rétina France, CECIDEV, Chiens-guide d'aveugle, Avignon University and the Department of Vaucluse.

Date of update June 1, 2021